When it becomes challenging to do the things you love

Anushka Jain
2 min readJun 29, 2023

I don’t remember when I stopped writing.

Today, some people followed me on Medium. And I paused to think, do people still like what I wrote years ago?

I don’t want my blog to be dead. I miss writing about the things I experience in life 🐣

And suddenly, I went into the rabbit hole of thinking about many things I used to love doing- observing, painting, reading, making comics, working out, blah, blah, blah...

Writing- I’ve never considered myself an amazing author, but I always enjoy re-reading my blogs from when I started as a professional. That’s a gift my younger self gave to me.

I’ve realised that for a long while; I’ve been chasing that perfect portfolio, that ideal job, that perfect day to start doing what I love.

But the hard truth is if I don’t do the things that bring me happiness today, I’ll not remember how to do them when that “perfect day” comes.

An incomplete piece of art, that brought me happiness today!

So, dear people who follow me here, gather the courage to pick up the activity you love doing, and just do it- without fear of judgement or hope of perfection- just for the old times sake!

I’m trying to cultivate a habit of mindful journaling- where I write down things that are biting my mind. Our minds are meant to process and not store those thoughts, anyway.

And I hope to grow this blog as a digital garden of thoughts, projects and everything in between.

Going to pick up that book kept on my shelf today. See you soon, for real.
Anushka ❤



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